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28th FEBRUARY 2022: Again it is confirmed that remote access significantly reduces environmental impact and costs

Two control systems installed on the other side of the planet by local labor, commissioned with zero added CO2 emissions and at significantly reduced cost. Despite limited internet access to these offshore installations, commissioning has been completed through remote access from our offices. The missions were completed successfully through solid global cooperation and local efforts.

27th JANUARY 2022: New order received for delivery of remote control system to an active jack-up rig

Installation will take place in Las Palmas in Q1.

Our customer is gradually meeting the future demand for automated operations to meet their clients expectations for higher efficiency and reduced emission by reduced time and resource consumption.

28th DECEMBER 2021: The first ever remote-control system for drill cuttings management has been put into operation

Operations are moving from doing manual line-ups and radioing in gauge readings, to having full overview in the control room. In addition to providing complete real-time control, the system collects process data for presentation and sharing.

If problems occur, the operators can go back and find out what went wrong, where it happened and when. The data is there. This gives rise to significant benefits through increased efficiency and knowledge, as well as contributing to HSE.

22th NOVEMBER 2021: New order received for delivery of onshore control of an offshore process facility

The remote control system to be installed onboard a drilling rig, will enabling operational control, monitoring and analysis from shore. To improve performance and reduce risk of human error, the control system will include automated sequences (robotization). Additionally, CO2 emissions is decreased thru higher efficiency and less time consumption associated with the actual well operation.

27th OCTOBER 2021: Further increase of human capacity

Proudly announcing that two experienced professionals have recently found their places with us.
Their capacities includes master`s degree in automation with 16 years of experience within development, engineering and commissioning of control systems, and bachelor’s degree in automation with years of varied experience in different industries.

27th SEPTEMBER 2021: Our experience complies with mcKinsey analysis for potential 25% cost reduction

Experience from remote operations using our control system that includes automated sequences (robotiaztion), confirms a significant reduction in operational time. This experience is consistent with McKinsey’s analysis of November 2020, which for the oil & gas industry, indicates a probable cost reduction of 25% at full utilization of the automation potential.


30th aug 2021: Our team is reinforced with young enthusiasm

Four new employees have recently joined our company; two executive technicians and two holds master`s degree in automation. All four are committed and eager to have their qualities demonstrated. We are confident that their efforts will make a decisive contribution to the further development of the company.

29th June 2021: Significant benefits with our integrated software for trending & reporting is demonstrated

Our control system operates and visualizes via Atvise based HMI & SCADA software. These solutions include a trending & reporting package based on Highcharts. The system also include a database for storing of process data.
As Atvise HMI is using pure web technology (HTML5 and SVG) and OPC UA data exchange standard, reports can be prepared by anyone (with assigned role) from anywhere given internet connection. This means no requirement for additional software and hardware package, and real time process data always available to those in need.


Installation of a new Control System onboard a drilling rig is completed.
The test & commissioning sequence was performed remotely from our offices via secure network access. This resulted in a cost saving for the customer of 40%. In addition, our CO2 footprint was significantly reduced due to less travel, etc.

29th April 2021: Troubleshooting via 4G network saves significant costs

By using our Remote Support Kit, we accessed, surveyed and repaired a control system on a drill ship in GOM. Access to the system from Norway to GOM was via the 4G mobile network. Dramatic cost reduction compared to having an engineer traveling across the world to do the same job.


Today we celebrate our 10th anniversary!
Many thanks to all customers who during these years have given us exciting assignments, and to all employees who have contributed to the performance. We believe that the years ahead will give us new opportunities for development within automation and robotization.


Order received for upgrade of control system originally installed on a fixed installation in 1997. The upgrade will include our standardized & open technologies and the control system will be prepared for remote operation from shore.


February 2021: Order received on setup of a remote control system for a major pipeline cleaning system in Israel.

JAN 2021: operations performed from an onshore control center

During the 1st month of 2021, many offshore rig operations has been performed from an onshore control center. The remote control system include automated sequences – the process facility is transformed to a self-controlled robot. Excellent performance so far!

JAN 2021: Upgrade of control system installed in 2009

Order for upgrade of control system originally installed on a fixed installation in 2009, has been received. The upgrade will include our standardized & open technologies and PLCs & IO modules from Beckhoff.

JAN 2021: 2021 is off to a good start

2021 began with startup of installation of a new remote control system on a drillship that will be in operation in GOM. The control system is prepared for operation from shore.