We offer remote control of operations for the oil and gas industry.

Our solutions are developed based on the following expectations:

  • Growing demand for automation technologies that conserve resources
  • Significant development of infrastructure
    for wireless communications
  • Establishment of international standards
    for industrial Machine to Machine (M2M) communication
  • Full integration between operation and
    information technology

Ecco it control and monitor any process and machinery. All systems are designed to be operated and monitored locally beside the device, via cable from a control room or from anywhere via the internet. 

The remote control system can be limited to just starting, stopping and regulating an single engine, motor or pump. Or it can be complex where, for example, motors, pumps, compressors, injection systems, piping systems, etc. are integrated into one common control system. All devices, regardless of manufacturer, are transformed to speak the same language and prepared to communicate through the internet. In the outermost form, the machines is transformed into a robot where, on command, it independently performs the assigned complete task. All generated data will be freely available for further analysis.

In the following we start by giving an insight into the gains that can be achieved.Then we describe how to achieve this transformation.