Complete software package for full control
and all information from anywhere

We are building software modules that cover everything you would expect from a control system for process plants – both today and in the future. These all build upon our Connect it framework that facilitates control and monitoring via the internet using standardized and open technologies.

Once the foundations are in place, the scope of the control system can be expanded with modules for robotization, reporting, remote support, condition-based maintenance and simulation. Every new addition integrates seamlessly within the same infrastructure thanks to our future-minded approach. All that is required for full plant control and data access is a browser, a monitor, and credentials


Description of the software modules in detail:

connect it

Get connected
Our basic software module, Connect it lays the foundations for remote monitoring and control of process facilities & machines. This module includes software and hardware for control and visualization of the process locally at the plant, via cable to a control room, and via internet through any off-site location.
By only using standardized and open technologies, Connect it adapts the system for integration with SCADA, automation, and extended functionality. In other words; future-proof industrial automation!

automate it

Robots do not make mistakes

Expand the basic remote-control system with the Automate it software module to gain the benefits of sequential programming. By stitching together commands we give the operator access to pre-programmed routines while they keep their focus on the bigger picture. Condition-checks and regulators handle deviation cases while notifying the operator of the event. Minimize incident chances and make sure operations run correctly each day!

   Improved quality:
  • Less reliance on human factors means fewer mistakes that impact operations.
  • Better repeatability means a more reliable product quality.
   Improved efficiency:
  • Computers multi-task better and react faster than their human counterpart, leading to savings in time and power consumption.
   Improved safety:
  • If the operator loses connection to the plant, the controller can still complete vital tasks and shut down safely, as all logic is processed locally.
  • The operator can keep a full overview over the condition of the plant, while the controller takes care of the operational details.

report it

See all, know all
Integrate logging and trending of any sensor value or control setpoint directly into the HMI with the Report it module. Bring up the trend window and select a preset or pick which variables to view. Live data is presented during operations to monitor trends, and historical data can be brought up at any time by simply setting the time and date. Using the built-in analysis and commenting tools, reports can be created and submitted straight from the HMI.
Which variables to log, their resolution, and how long the data is stored is all configurable from within the HMI. Given an internet connection, the logged data can be accessed on a PC or mobile device from anywhere.

support it

Stay connected
Your time is valuable, and so is ours. With the Support it module comes an on-site remote access point that allows troubleshooting, software upgrades and updates via internet from our offices. This enables support to start right away when disaster strikes, by cutting away travel time and the costs and logistics that come with it.
The solution is designed for high security and low bandwidth, and includes an on-site support PC with diagnostics software installed, a tunnel router and an Ecco it team ready to log on when needed. When not in use, the router is disconnected with a key-switch on site, ensuring access only when required.
Mobile solutions for temporary use are also available.

predict it

Two steps ahead
Take the data collection to the next level with the Predict it module, adding functionality to enable predictive and condition-based maintenance, and presenting opportunities for process optimization. Depending on the application, this module can include additional hardware, such as vibration sensors and oil particle detectors, and software components for power usage calculations and component condition visualization.
The Predict it module can both reduce the maintenance frequency and the risk of breakdown, by facilitating informed decision making and a better understanding of the process and equipment.
Predict it builds upon and necessitates the Report it module.

simulate it

Try this on for size
Practice makes perfect! With the Simulate it module, we develop digital twins of the plant for use in training and testing of new processes. Operational risk is lowered when everyone has experience with the process and system, and any potential issues that follow proposed changes can be discovered and handled before anything is applied to the physical plant.
The digital twin also has the advantage of bringing the end-users into the design loop, allowing them to view the system as it is developing and provide valuable feedback early on, leading to an overall better product.

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