complete solutions for remote control and monitoring

Based on a solid understanding of mechanical processes, we prepare complete solutions for remote control and monitoring of any kind of operational equipment or process. We understand how a project depends on the quality of the engineering process, in-depth knowledge in electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics and the quality of the selected components.

Our engineering process includes the following:

  • Preparation of a P&ID based on the technical specifications, risk assessment and relevant regulations
  • Selection of sensors and instruments 
  • Design of enclosures containing equipment for communication between sensors / instruments and the industrial controller. For these components requirements for use in explosive hazardous areas (Ex Zone 1 or 2), often applies.
  • Design of necessary solutions to ensure local control (in case of emergency)
  • Design of a system cabinet including an industrial controller (PLC) 
  • Selection of PC`s and monitors enabling control and monitoring of the process (both local control room and remote control center)
  • Development of PLC software
  • Development of HMI software incl. trending and reporting
  • Facilitation of process data transfer to 3rd party (machine learning, utilization of Big Data)

First; Equip the machinery with voice and hearing

The basis precondition for control and monitoring from remote, system integration, analysing & visualization of process data, condition based maintenance, etc., is that the machinery has been equipped with “voice and hearing”. It is transformed into a social being where state and the quality of performance is expressed by the “the voice”, and via “hearing” commands are perceived.

We know which instruments and sensors to be used to achieve such functionality. 

Second; The PLC is the brain

Via a fieldbus system that provides real-time performance, condition and performance are expressed and collected by an industrial controller and analyzed by our PLC program. These process data is passed on to a PC server / monitor where our HMI program presents real-time state and performance. On this monitor and based on presented process data, the operator selects commands.

Via RIO and system cabinets the PLC receive process data, and the PLC program analyzes, presents and responds with commands.

Third; Control and monitor from any device anywhere

A Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a device that via a program allows a human to give directions and receive feedback from the PLC that is controlling the process or machinery. All our HMI programs are developed on the basis of  HMI / SCADA software with pure web standards. This means that control and monitoring can be performed from anywhere using any device that include a web browser. Web access is the only requirement.

Normally control is also provided from a device (PC or monitor) installed locally. Both the HMI software and the data exchange technology include security features.

Old process facility equipped with instrumentation to achieve remote control

Fourth; Presentation of performance

The HMI program include trending and logging functionality. This package collect process data for statistical analysis with time stamp and history in order to predictive maintenance and facilitate continuous process improvements. 

Actual performance is presented graphically on any device that include a web browser