OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is the data exchange standard for safe, reliable, manufacturer- and platform independent industrial communication. It enables data exchange between products from different manufacturers and across systems.

OPC UA is characterized by:

  • Standardized (both within the system and between different systems)
  • All platforms (Microsoft, Apple, Linux, etc.)
  • Scalable (the system can be easily extended or vice versa)
  • Safe (active use of security certificates)
  • Reliable communication (information stored and transmitted
    when the receiver is ready)

OPC UA provides secure transfer of real-time data from the sensor to the outside world:

  • Within machinery
  • Between machines
  • Between machines and the outside world
  • Between systems (also from different suppliers)
  • Bringing together the subsystems into one system speaking one language

OPC UA facilitates the consept of Industry 4.0 and the ISA-95  standard for exchange of general, technical and business information. Ecco it is member of the OPC UA foundation. 

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