Automation technology from Beckhoff inspires innovation

 We use industrial controllers / PLCs & IO modules from Beckhoff as these have been developed with the OPC UA standard for data exchange, as a starting point. Our ambition is to be at the forefront in terms of applying technology. Beckhoff meets this approach (for other PLC manufacturers, more tradition than innovation applies). Beckhoff offers:

  • The possibility of «Object-oriented programming» (ability to describe the object’s properties & behavior, possibility of copying / reuse)
  • A common environment for programming and commissioning (does not have to switch between a number of different systems)
  • PLCs offered is based on a PC platform (especially advantage in terms of performance) 

TwinCAT 3 is the software used for programming and configuration. More about the benefits it offers here •••

For the purpose of obtaining short data update times, low communication jitter and reduced hardware costs, Beckhoff has devolped the Ethernet based fieldbus system EtherCAT.

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