Control and monitoring from anywhere

Internet greatly affects our everyday lives, and this trend is rapidly increasing. Industrial use of the Internet has not experienced the same development.

There is no doubt; industry also need to prepare themselves for the digital age. To develop the competitive strengths necessary to meet the challenges of tomorrow, organizations have to improve efficiency and make better decisions through an active approach to automation, big data, machine learning, analytics and more. We are absolutely confident that a change of pace is now taking place, and the internet shortly will be a central part of the industrial activity

All this starts with a sensor that delivers data. It is a prerequisite that all sensors speak the same language so that their data can be used across manufacturers, platforms  and systems.

We welcome this development and are prepared
to meet its challenges and to enable:

  • Control from anywhere
  • Monitoring from anywhere
  • Updates from anywhere
  • Faultfinding from anywhere
  • Integration with other systems
  • Transferring data to 3rd parties

Apply standardized and open technologies and achieve structure & control!

The gain will be significant; reduced operating costs, reduced maintenance costs and increased quality!