Adaptation to any process and machinery

Ecco it select and install instruments and sensors enabling control and monitoring av any process and machinery. The scope may vary from single, motor / engine to a complex prosess plant that includes motors, pumps, HPU`s, compressors, injection systems, piping systems, etc.

From our experience with oil & gas industry, we have developed solutions for remote control of the following:

  • Cement units
  • High pressure pumps
  • Mud Mixing systems
  • Bulk systems
  • Drilling systems
  • Wire Line units
  • Well testing units
  • ROV units
  • HVAC systems
  • Compressors

We have developed complete soltions of the following:

  • Chemical injection systems
  • Data acguistion systems
  • Data logger units

Against this background, we dare to state that we have experience with any parameter necessary to control and monitor any process or machinery regardless of type of industry.